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Hello Susanne, we are truly sorry for your unpleasant experience with a Forever Flawless retailer. Each location is an independently owned and operated, 3rd party business. We would need to know the mall name in order to attempt contact with them to resolve.

I was duped into putting out $5000 after getting referred to a man they said just happened to be there this particular day and was some big shot and I’d be lucky to be able to talk with him. He kept offering me deal after deal and it was almost like it was mind control as he finally talked me into paying that Exorbitant fee with the promise of free replacement products for three years and 12 facials.

As soon as I got to my car from the mall . As soon as I got to my car at the mall I regretted what it happened but they stated there was a no refund policy. So I had 2 facials and one product replacement when I try to make another appointment I found they left the mall close their store. This place is the biggest rip off and frog and should be under investigation and cited for illegal and fraudulent actions.

I know there are many people like myself and I’m ashamed to even admit that they did this to me because I’m not one that would ever spend this kind of money and yet somehow they got it from me.

And then to make matters even worse I ended up buying this little dumb machine that was supposed to help your neck and the special cream for an additional $1400. I am appalled at them and myself for letting this happen

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I’m afraid this happened to me exactly like this. Except it was $8000.

I’m hopping the product will at least do something.

I’ve never spent that type of money on anything. I wish I had read the reviews before going in.

Susanne O

Well at least I know it happened to others and I found that even though they were nice feeling creams, etc it did nothing more than a cream im using now, which is so, so much less expensive! Just wished we had some recourse and I guess being gals that want to make sure that our skin is the best that it can be and help our appearance, we are more gullible to the tactics that they ployed in getting us by promising us free products for so many years and all the special things it was going to do for us.


God bless you - I got ripped off also from the store Diamond Cosmetics in San Juan. They made many promises and I spent way too much money for lies.

I didn't know the truth till I boarded the ship again. I have called them over and over and they won't answer the phone.