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Kings Park, New York
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On my way out of Apple Store walking to my car on Thursday 3/24, I was lured into this place. Sean put the Diamond Blue eye serum on me and then gave me his high priced sales pitch.

I could get the serum and the eye cream for $399. Showed me videos of before and after. I said I just paid for an expensive repair at Apple and could not afford this. The price came down to $299.

He said I looked about 40! Gee, isn't that great since I have a son who's 40!!! I didn't ***. More sales pitch.

Down to $199. Sean spoke to some others either in Greek or Turkish. I had to get away. I only bought the eye serum for $99 which was HIS personal price b/c he said I'd come back b/c of the great results.

This is supposed to be a year's supply. The box says their office is in Cyprus! I see a little difference in the under eye area and less dark circles. I just came back from this mall today 3/31 with my repaired laptop and walked right passed them again.

Since I am walking with a cane due to upcoming knee surgery, I was almost attacked by two of their sales people today saying, "We can help you. Let me help you with your package." "Not today, I said" Advice, "Walk on the other side by Bloomingdales." The Simon Corp.

should be ashamed that they leased to a tenant like this. It brings down the atmosphere of this lovely Mall.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Forever Flawless Cons: High pressure sales people.

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