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As soon as the saleslady called out to me and came racing over, I knew where it was all heading but I was curious and had lots of time on my hands so I decided why not, knowing I wouldn't purchase anything. She began *** about her miracle product and wanted to show me how much better it was than standard hand creams. She proceeded to use a tube of regular cream, adding some to my arm and lightly trying to rub it in, all the while counting to 10 with each rub and showing me how "unabsorbent" the regular cream was. I played along and then she proceeded to move on to Forever Flawless cream, which she massaged onto my other arm, pressing firmly and, once again, starting to count, only getting to 7 this time before the cream was absorbed. Funny how I was able to replicate exactly what she did when I got home, using the SAME cream both times. She seemed to assume I'd be too *** to know the difference between lightly attempted to rub on hand lotion, vs firmly massaging it on.

She offered me her special deal, just for me, because she loved the product so much and knew I would be hooked and she wanted to share a special deal, just for me. When I was recently in Turkey, I saw similar sales tactic when shopping the markets! She gushed about the face cream and how amazing it was and about hwo I'd enver want to try anything else.

I told her that I wasn't interested at this point and she immediately ran off to "consult" with her manager and see if she could get me an even better deal, which of course he agreed to. It still came to something like $200 for just the facial cream, and if I got the hand cream, I could have it for $100 more, or something like that.

This product is so obviously a scam and the girl was so pushy and condescending about my normal care routine that I actually thought about going to the mall manager and filing a complaint about Flawless Diamonds' shoddy business practices. The store only lasted a few months at the mall, anyway, as it's one of the nicer malls in town and I'm sure there were many others who were as turned off as I was.

Actually, I found it to be more amusing than anything, how hard she was trying to convince me her product was a miracle and how much I'd love it. She should have become an actress!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Cream.

Reason of review: Product is a scam.

Preferred solution: I didn't actually buy the product, as it was clearly a scam.

Forever Flawless Cons: Ff is a scam, Cost.

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