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Breckenridge, Colorado
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On vacation in Breckenridge, CO 7 weeks ago. Diamond package guy jumps out of the store to tell me how horrible my skin is and how I should be concerned.

I have great skin (not bragging...wonderful genetics...Grandma died at 94 with barely a wrinkle on her face) for my age. Diamond package started talking about rebuilding collagen. I was hooked. I work in medicine and know that you can't replace collagen so I had to hear the pitch.

For 45 minutes I listened to him malign everything I used as skin care and how his product was a miracle. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and told him I worked in medicine and science and that he was basically a snake oil salesman and that his insulting sales pitch could use some work too. This past Monday I was shopping in a local high end mall. SAME GUY (150 miles away from my vacation encounter) jumps out with his Diamond package and starts the same pitch.

I stood there for about 10 seconds. And then I reminded him of our encounter in Breckenridge and the fraud he was. He went dead silent. I walked away laughing my head off.

Don't buy this. It is a lie.

Reason of review: Lying sales person.

Forever Flawless Cons: Sales rep is a liar.

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Was his name "Mike"? (Unusual name for someone from Israel).

He may be working now in San Diego because the man I met said he'd been working in CO. Thank you for your honest review!