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Hello Kerin,
Thank you for your feedback. We are the distributor of Forever Flawless products. Each location is an independently owned and operated, 3rd party business authorized to resell our products. You would need to contact Palm Springs Beauty, where you made your purchase for resolution. It is the responsibility of each individual business to assist their customers. It is disrespectful to accuse a business of being a “scam” or “pyramid scheme” since we do not franchise and can’t tell another business how to operate or what policies to have. We are not a scam or pyramid scheme but simply a distributor of products.
If you need assistance contacting the business, we can help with that.
Thank you,
Forever Flawless
Customer Service

. I was walking down the street with my daughter when I was grabbed by the arm by a young man who pulled me into the shop offering a way to get rid of the bags under my eyes and to receive a free facial.

I felt very uncomfortable and vulnerable, but he assured me to be seated and their specialist would be with me. The young lady, Morgan started putting a lot of different products on my face. The 2 of them kept oogling over the amazing change taking place, but they did not allow me to look in a mirror. When it was over, I was told I could have this guaranteed non-surgical face lift for 2 years for $7000.

I refused and she kept lowering the price, intimidating me for refusing. I walked out with 2 large bags of product for $2,942.50, $648.25 more than I was quoted. That evening, my face and neck turned bright red with a rash, and my eyes were swollen as an allergic reaction to the products. The next day I took the bags back to the shop and explained I am unable to use the products because of the reaction I had.

(I also complained about the overcharge, and my account was credited with the overcharge a few days later.) I was told they were unable to process refunds, grabbing a sign from behind the counter saying “no refunds.” They told me to contact customer service. I asked what they would do, and he said probably nothing since they don’t refund. They told me to take the bags with me, but I refused, saying I would have my bank stop payment because I can’t use the product. However, after several months of working with the bank, they did not refund.

I received 2 phone calls (number unavailable) the message that was left apparently was from Forever Flawless. I did not return calls. I am a retired teacher on a fixed income and I’m out $2512.75 with nothing to show for it. I believe this business is a scam that preys on senior women dealing with the aging process.

Palm Springs Beauty (California) and AVG Group-customer service (Florida) are not registered businesses that I could track down, which makes it very suspicious.

Forever Flawless, the products’ name has contact info but they claim not to have control over venders. Is this a pyramid scam?

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $2513.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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