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San Diego, California
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I don't understand all the people crying and whining about Forever Flawless. I bought the "white diamond" collection which is the starter collection with peel, cleanser, and moisturizer.

It works great with my skin and my skin has never looked better. Yes it was expensive. But I have never been fond of drugstore cosmetics. If you pay attention to the instructions during the demonstration, you can easily do the same routine at home.

I personally don't believe in putting cheap junk on my face (since it's the only one I have) so some things are worth the splurge. Just because your tight budget gave you buyer's remorse doesn't make Forever Flawless a scam. You paid for the products and walked out of the store right? That's a legitimate business.

A scam is when they take your money and don't give you what's promised. Learn the difference people and grow up!

If only they made a cleanser for some people's attitudes... sheesh.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Forever Flawless Pros: High end products, Sales rep was knowledgeable, Sales rep was convincing.

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Parker, Colorado, United States #1115246

Yes! Exactly!

I agree with you. I don't think people follow the regimen, and then, they don't see results.

I see results because I followed the instructions. I feel this was worth my money.


Are you the Forever Flawless employee hired to file the sole comment in support of this scheme?


Lmao you probably work there.


You obviously work for them.

to Anonymous #1014701

Right?! Even using the same lines the sale representative threw at me.