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Dear Vella,

We thank you for your kind patience. We would like to update you and let you know that sadly we will not be reopening in Sydney in the foreseeable future. We are all incredibly sad at this end outcome but unfortunately, financial circumstances have forced this upon us at this time.

But we are now progressing with auctioning your requests and at this point will be sending your owed products directly to you via postal mail straight from the US. So, we kindly ask you to send us the following information so that we can send your products at our earliest convenience.

Full Name.
A telephone number and email address.
The best mailing address for you to receive your products directly to your door.
A list of outstanding products that you are owed (this will be verified against our records).
Please send all the info via regular or email address below.

Once you have responded with the above information we will forward it on to the manufacturer for verification and international mailing.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

I am a Premium Member VIP 00238 of the Sydney store which I was informed via a short and brief text message that the store was closed effectively of that day and have received no further advice as to where I can continue to receive my supplies and treatments. I have contacted the other store and was advised by Michelle the day manager at the store that they had no knowledge of the details pertaining to the store closure and hence suggested I make contact with your Head Office in regards to the future supply and treatments.

I paid over $11,000.00 on the membership in January this year and therefore would appreciate a reply on how we can resolve this. I would be satisfied in receiving a bulk shipment on your range of products that I would select if this store is not going to re-open as I understand the Miranda store is not related in ownership to the city store owner and Miranda is too far for me to travel to.

I await your reply. Yours Sincerely Godfrey Vella

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