I started using Forever Flawless (Blue, Pink & Facial Peeling Gel) just before I turned 40. My husband (of all people) immediately noticed a significant difference in my skin, saying that I definitely looked younger and for sure my wrinkles were gone.

I have used it faithfully since and so many people comment on how great my skin is, how young I look, the fact that I don't have any wrinkles. Believe me, I had MAJOR buyers remorse when I spent thousands of dollars on skin care products all at once - I couldn't believe I had done that and thought I was a victim of hard sales tactics - but the proof was in the product - the sample facial sold me, and when I got my products home and started using them, it just got better and better. I look better than my friends who get botox. And, my 16 year old daughter has taken an interest in skin care because even she compliments me on my skin on a regular basis - and she tells me when her friends say that I look too young to be her mom or that I look like her sister (I'm 46 now).

I tried very hard to find something wrong with Forever Flawless - I can't - so I'm a customer - and I recommend it to everyone I know. (My friend Marian just became a customer too!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Peeling Gel.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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