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Please feel free to give the Forever Flawless Wholesale/Manufacturer's Office Customer Care team a call so that we may be able to assist you with seeking a resolution to this matter. Our number is (470) 545-3577 and office hours are 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST. We are attempting to assist retail customers to resolve matters with the owners of the independent store location. We do look forward to speaking with you.
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Not one for getting taken, I'm usually very wary of come ons..didn't know I would fall so badly for this one.Got stopped in the mall in Mesa AZ.

2 foreign guys VERY pushy sales tactics.. Don't let them take hold of your hand!!

I can't even explain how *** I feel right now. I did buy stuff..but tried to get outta there. It is weird how it all went many ways I just keep going over it in my mind as to how I could be so snowed!!

It's my fault, I know, and I am responsible for being duped..but I am warning all of you.

The cosmetics they are pushing are not worth what they are asking in any way. I am really upset about this and keep laying awake for 3 nights thinking of how I ended up listening to this junk. No return policy just exchanges, they double team, and it's tough to get outta there, don't let them suck you in.

I ended up spending money I saved for Christmas gifts...that's why I was at the mall in the first place.I'm embarrassed and angry.

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I feel the same way.I wish I didn't buy the face peel, at least I only paid for $65.

I said no couple times to other deals & he finally said he will give me the face peel for $65. I fell for it.

After I read the reviews, I called my credit card & asked to be issued a new number. My credit card company said I can only dispute the charge later because the charge is still pending.

Apparently, they can't just cancel the pending item.


I KNOW!!I never fall for scams as I'm very leery...I keep playing it over in my head too-how did that even happen??

Credit cards won't cover you either, I heard.The company is really good at pressuring people -so much so that you don't even know what happened-you just want OUT of that chair and OUT OF THAT STORE!

Oxnard, California, United States #934833

same exact story.I am still sick to my stomach when I think about it.

I am an intelligent, professional woman.

I just can't believe it...

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #920741

They are very pushy and they harass you today the girl stopped me while I was trying to xmas shop and I told her I didn't have time and she said I just wanna show u something and I figured if I let her show me she'll go away after letting her play with my arm and cheek I told her after I shopped I would see wut I had left and I would come back if I could do to make sure I came back she followed me around while I shopped to ensure I was coming back and once I got back I told them I couldn't and they kept dropping the price and at this point 3 of them were shadowing me finally the price got to $37.00 that was the price I paid to get them the *** out my face which was well worth it!! But after reading scam reviews I must say something will be done about this and I will get my money back I'll be back soon with the review!(SCAM FOREVER FLAWLESS!! In independence mall in WILMINGTON N.C