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Update by user Oct 18, 2015

Wow its obviously late.. I forgot to mention the most important part!

The product? No es bueno. My face has been itchy, red and dry all day and night. I have very sensitive skin which I explained to her in-depth and I was assured this would not interact in any negative way.

Yet here I am, a red blotchy mess.

Nice. Thanks FF.

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2015

I sit here 12 hours later, almost in a daze that I could've allowed myself to be so suckered into the Forever Flawless experience. Their sales tactics and high-pressured stage show seriously ranks right up there with buying a new car! Everything I went through is almost a play-by-play match to the other reviews I read here tonight. From the exotic lady with accent luring me in to talking nonstop about everything possible, I assume to keep me from thinking too much. And the compliments.. yada yada yada... you look so young for your age, what kind of work do you do, why are you not married? Funny how her charm took a visibly sour turn when I explained to her that up until this year, its been a bit of challenge for gays to marry in this country. Caught her off-guard :) (insert evil giggle here)

Sp I'll spare a long essay and use the easier bullet-list of events, this is not verbatim back and forth, just my snarky summary of the *** I had discovered:

insane: here try a sample

sane: yay free stuff!

insane: welcome to the white chair, let me slather you in creams and try not to be too smug when you tell me what current products you use

sane: wow this stuff really burns doesn't it? oh only for a minute you say?

insane: allow me to make more room on this counter for all of the products I'm going to push at you, rejoice in their pretty packaging

sane: wow that packaging a bit over the top

sane: wow there aren't any prices listed anywhere on anything

insane: now these prices are going to seem very high, but compared to a facelift or botox, its tremendous savings (yes she actually said that)

sane: pretty sure I'd pass on both of those, and no, there's no way in *** I'm spending $1400 for all this *** that you say I need

insane: buy these 4 I give you these 2, total $900

sane: suspiciously large discount, but no

insane: ok lets remove 2 products, total $750

sane: yes lets remove the 2 that I truly didn't need and you knew that, and no I'm not paying $750

insane: let me check stock room, oh look at damaged box! cannot sell damaged box, I discount this for you, you buy these 4, I give you this damaged box, total $650

sane: you know what, I'll take this and this (just to get the *** out of here you unbefrickenlieveable excuse for a sales person, where the *** am I?)

insane: (staring into the point-of-sale computer screen) can you keep a secret?

sane: oh sure I LOVE secrets! (hey Siri, pull up Yelp and do a Google search on Forever Flawless... I think I'm gonna need them)

insane: i can give you the eye serum for $35 but you can't tell anyone!

sane: $399 bottle of eye serum down to $35? this whole ordeal just took a surreal turn into a dark and disgusting level, but I want to get out of here before I explode

I got out with all limbs and digits intact, however not 5 feet away from the door, I realized I'd left behind a large bag of my dignity. And a box of self-respect.

I stewed through the day and sat down tonight to see what I could find online about this place and my search led me here. I read every review and it is utterly uncanny how similar they all are. It's the same horrific experience over and over. I'm so disappointed in myself. Maybe I was in disbelief that this was actually happening at the Biltmore, which is a nice, upscale place where I would never have expected such a déclassé encounter. Yes, its easy to say to someone, "You could've just walked out." True. I don't know how to explain it, when you're in that very time and place in an experience like this, how crippled you become. Maybe diamond dust has a hypnotic effect?

Most of these reviews here have indicated that refunds were not an option, only exchanges, and even those seemed hit and miss. Perhaps the company has amended that policy over time and due to the number of complaints. My receipt does say "Refunds within 7 days on unopened packages." I haven't opened a thing so I'm going back later today (Sunday) to attempt a refund. From all I've read tonight, I've regained my bravado and am prepared to display my own stage show for them, if necessary. I will try to inconspicuously video the moment with my phone. Either way, I will report back as to how it goes down.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Any part of this.

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Hope you make the video


Haha, loved the *** comment! It's a great way to *** out the people who are being fake to you, isn't it? Suddenly they're not so nice anymore!


So what happened? I paid $950 for the black diamond line without the $5000 mask ha!

And the lionesse eye stuff. I'm returning tomorrow and I bought it last night. I am a mother of three and have to buy a car this month. The guilt I am feeling is unbelievable.

I told them this at least five times. I feel like a awful mom and person. How could I get scammed?

I'm going to try the approach of refunding me $750 first, because of the offers others have been given. I'll let you know.


I had the exact same thing happen to me a few days ago. They are awful. How did it go when you tried to return it?


Was this 2015? Same exact shpeal, came home and googled.

She only took me for $60, after I said I'm not spending more than $100. I don't even want to put this on my face now. I'm a little nervous I can't return because their credit machine "didn't work" so I gave cash, but looked at my receipt for return info and, imagine this -- my credit card info was on there.

Grrr. How'd your return visit go?


I'm looking forward to watching the video. I was at a kiosk over the weekend in Scottsdale at Fashion Square.

Pretty familiar story...however I didn't purchase the product. Products seem amazing which makes you willing to spend the funds on them. I called the actual Forever Flawless Company and spoke with rep on pricing. I'm doing some research heard through chats items can be found for much less money.

I will let you know.

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