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Please feel free to give the Forever Flawless Wholesale/Manufacturer's Office Customer Care team a call so that we may be able to assist you with seeking a resolution to this matter. Our number is (470) 545-3577 and office hours are 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST. We are attempting to assist retail customers to resolve matters with the owners of the independent store location. We do look forward to speaking with you.
Flushing, New York

It was not only the item was not as it described it was a total scam. When the sales approached to me to sell their products,I told the sales I never heard of this brand name.

He lied to me that they are the most high end cosmetics in the world that they have over 200 locations world wide and their products has been used by the celebrities. He made me felt I was the one need to be ashamed that I don't even know this company. And I told the sales I don't use any other brand except LA prairie. He then lied to me again that La prairie Caviar was copied from them they were the first one discovered Caviar and they use diamond in their product too.

He then asked me to try their samples. He put something on my nose. He told me how precious their products are and he showed me prices on their website with an Ipad that certain item can go as high as $5000. Since this company was owned by his family and this store plus few other one was owned by him, he wanted me to try their products for only $190.

When I got home that day, my nose started to itch. Then as I flashed back the whole thing today, I just felt something was wrong. So i decided to do some research on this company and I realized it was a scam. I immediately took out my receipt, it says no return, exchange only in 15 days.

I was never informed on no return policy from the very beginning till the minute I walked out the store. Even the receipt was put into my bag by the sales. I called the customer service line on the same night, the automatic system told me to call back on their working hours. I called again the next day and spoke to Sam.

He said I can returned the item to the store I purchased, and only the same store can accept the return. Then I realized I was scammed again. When the sales Kobi rang up my transaction, he said there's something wrong with the system on this store, he needed to rang up my transaction by signing into his other store. Even I made my purchase in 5th ave Manhattan store, on my receipt it showed I bought the item in Stamford, Connecticut.

I went back to the store on Nov 14th, and I spoke to Kobi directly. He refused to process a refund even my item was not opened and still in original condition.

Reason of review: Scam.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The wholesale company below sends out identical or similar messages to most people. I got a similar message & contacted them.

Basically, the representative told me they are franchise and did not receive the proceeds from the individual retailers.

Also, they don't offer refunds and if I DISLIKE the product, then the only solution is to TRASH the product. What kind of company would tell customers to TRASH their product?

Key West, Florida, United States #963097

Did the same to me!!! I was told it was $400 and the receipt was covered by card when they were talking to me........was $1600 no refund!!!!! They are thieves...


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