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Please feel free to give our Wholesale/Manufacturer's Office Customer Care team a call so that we may be able to assist you with seeking a resolution to this matter. Our number is (470) 545-3577 and office hours are 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST. We look forward to speaking with you.

For those who reviewed this complaint had not purchased any kinds of Forever Flawless products, this would be the best time for you to know the facts and the painful lesson I have taken. For those who had purchased those and had severe allergy on your skin, I am deeply sorry for that and I had been through the same pain. Here is my experience with them. I am hoping that it would be able to reach more people and let them be aware of this scam.

I purchased Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Skin Care at a huge local mall in Natick, MA. The Israel salesman claimed that Diamond series products are used by many Hollywood superstars and these are the most luxurious skin care products which will make immediate difference for my skin. He put some samples on my face and it seemed like peeling my old skin. Then he said this is not like normal scrub which would damage my skin. It was made of real diamond. The fine diamond particles in the product will clean off my skin from inside. I was somehow persuaded by him finally and paid $180 for the diamond infused facial peeling gel because he gave me discount and a diamond cleansing complex as a gift for free.

After 4 hours, my face was red and itchy. I searched online for information and customer reviews of this product. Many had the same bad experience as I did. I called the salesman and he said he could not refund me because I might put poisonous elements on it and he could not sale this to other customers. I said I did not open any of these and he replied with the same thing. He suggested me to wash my face with water and it would go away. I did the same way he said and the redness did not go away.

As other customers experienced, the company's customer service does not exist. I don't have the confidence that the mall will take care of this issue. I was not told any non-refundable policy. When I got home I noticed it was printed on the receipt.

I don't understand how this kind of company still stands. It is junk in product, making people paid high price and got hurt by this. I would like people to be aware of this scam and be away from it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Peeling Gel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Forever Flawless Cons: Service, Product warranty, Return policy.

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Please beware of this company! Me and my sister at the mall in Pleasanton California and I had gone to do something else she had gotten to the store by the ttime I got back she was 800.00 in the hole.

She got s free so called 500.00 facial yesterday. He tried to sell their products at $4,000 and then when she told him she couldn't afford that then he went to 3000 then he went to 2500 then he said something about a gold card and he would fill it out and everything she could have it for 700. So that goes to show you that if the product is so expensive and they can drop it from 4000 down to 700 it's a scam and now her face is broke out. No return policy!

I will be contacting everybody I can about this product and I make my own class action lawsuit against them. I will keep this page updated as I go. If they worked for a few but a lot of people there was having a reaction to it.

And there reviews you can't trust them because they can write their own. Thank you for reading this!


I did the demo in store for the Diamond Infused face peeling gel and ended up being pressured to buy the product plus the toner for a discounted $100. Got home and broke out.

Decided to call the store and they said they couldn't refund my money which made me super mad.

Threatened to bring up a fraudulent fund with my bank and the lady got scared and went against their store's refund policy and called the regional manager and ended up giving me my full refund. (: but overall this company as a business is ***!!!!


I use the Forever Flawless products and love them - never had an allergic reaction to them.


I too can't believe this kind of company exists. This is a fraud and total scam.


It should be illegal. The main ingredients are laxatives and substances linked to potential cancer.


The stuff is Dangerous. It is mainly polyethylene glycol is laxative that can have common side effects, usually hives.

Cyclopentasioxane is on the watch list of potential cancerous substance.

The stuff is full of cheap ingredients that are not skin soluable.

It should be illegal. Do not just complain, campaign for reimbursement.


how do I go about doing this


I wish I knew. So far I've tried taking it up with my credit card company, but that went nowhere because of their barely noticeable 'no refund' policy that they don't tell you about.

Next I took the matter to the BBB and Chamber of Commerce.

Still waiting for responses from these. Next step is Federal Trade Commission.


I suggest filing a complaint with the FTC:


I bought it in Vegas. I love it bought a second jar because I use it on all of my friends and we look 5 years younger istantly.

It is worth the money. I used the 24k gold skin toner and soothes the diamond scrub.




Forever Flawless - SCAM!!!! Stop harassing mall shoppers!! Going to file a complaint to Natick Mall - General Growth Properties.


Just because you had a reaction, doesn't make the product junk. I had a reaction to many high end products on the market.

I love this product line, and my radiant skin proves it.

I will agree that the "no return" policy is ***, but it's not like they hide it.


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