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We'd be happy to help with your issue in any way that we are able to. However, we are the distributor for Forever Flawless and only able to process returns of orders made directly through our website, Each individual store is a privately-owned independently-operated third-party business entity, and we as the distributor do not have access to their finances or sales records, nor any influence over their return/exchange policies.

If you have made your purchase at an authorized Forever Flawless Retail Location if you are seeking a return of your purchase price we must direct you to that reseller's customer service representative for further assistance. If you would prefer a direct exchange, here as the distributor we will be glad to provide a replacement product for you. We simply require a copy of the sales receipt and a picture of the product in question, if you could provide these plus your mailing information, we will send a replacement product to you as soon as possible. We will need the exact name of the product to be replaced as our skincare line has many different items!
Please let us know your information and we will work towards making it happen. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

Awaiting your reply,

There was a damage in the product we purchased

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