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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Update by user Dec 29, 2015

Turns out that the manager was who took my card and never explained that there was a no refund policy.

He said the only thing he could do was give me the manager's employee discount and that returned $510.00...

I took that but I'm still going to fight this farther because I don't believe in the way I was treated.

I'm pretty upset still. I will make sure I get the rest of my money. I've reported them to the FTC, and will be working on getting the rest of my money back with the bank, and will be speaking to mall management.

When I went there, mall management was closed. I'm almost 2 hours away from this mall, so I have to plan to go up there on Friday.

Original review posted by user Dec 25, 2015

i WAS Harassed and tired of being badgered to buy products i didnt want or like but bought anyway so i could get them out of my face, the guy would stop touching me and pushing me to buy so i figured id buy it and return after christmas but after he ran the card.... he said no refunds (3k) i am going to call the upper management of the mall and management of the store and force them to take it back.

Reason of review: dishonesty, harassment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Entire experience and products.

  • Mall Of Louisiana
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Please complain to BBB. I truly believe that if there is enough complaint overtime, then maybe there will be a class action lawsuit someday.


The exact same thing happened to me in Key West, FL. These are total *** artists!


The same thing happened to me in Key West...and tons of other people, evidently. How can this be legal? I'm trying to figure out if we have any recourse.

to Anonymous #1091672

I really don't know I know that there's so many bad reviews and I find this impossible to be legal as well. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

I've reported this with my bank. it's sickening!

to amandaestella #1094548

I tried working with my bank on this. Unfortunately, these people are very good at what they do and know how to work around credit card companies' dispute system.

In my case, despite all of the extenuating circumstances, including the fact that the people handling my case at the bank agreed that these are indeed scammers, in the end it came down to my signature on the receipt.

There below the signature, in tiny print, it says No Returns - a policy that was of course never mentioned, and I had no idea of. (Does anyone read tiny print below the signature line, at which point they've already made the purchase?)


There has to be something we can do, I was distressed at the time and I think they could tell and targeted me...

Everything I read is horrible about this company...

I don't understand how they are still in business! It's a very sad thing.


Similar experience in Sydney. They took complete advantage of my vulnerability at the time and let me try various products before badgering me into buying way more than I really needed or could afford.

No mention of the no return policy til after I left the store. Complained to store manager - no help - said they could contact customer care. No response so far. I found a contact for the state manager - no reply to my emails.

Am going to complain to the business bureau.

Complete scam. Am sure now the story they fed me about someone cancelling was made up.

to Anonymous #1083868

I'm beyond angry this company needs to be shut down they have horrible business ethics.


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