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Thank you for choosing the Forever Flawless brand! We appreciate your patronage & are happy to hear you enjoy your products and the independent reseller is giving excellent levels of customer care!! Should you have any questions at all please know that our team of customer care professionals are here to assist and may be reached at (470) 545-3577
Big Bear Lake, California

Ya know, the competition comes to these postings to :smack: talk a product. This target was Forever Flawless...

Historically the competition attacks a product that works. Hence, all of the attacking in this forum. I was gently handled in San Diego. I tried the product on one eye, and even tho I didn't buy anything, the young lady would not let me leave "lopsided".

My smile wrinkles had been reduced greatly by the serum. I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING! The items they were offering me were NOT expensive- 50 to 150 for their products... affordable for most of us.

I am just a mountain girl with an opinion of this false bashing of many products by their competition on this internet. Much of what YOU read on your devise is not true.

Smart or stoopid- which are you?? nuff said.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Just gave you a cudos.

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The price varies per customer. I

Paid $2650.00. And have had a rash for two months.


Coming from 1 of the sales persons theirself. You are an ***!

to Anonymous #1054377

And how exactly do you know this reviewer is a salesperson of Forever Flawless? Just curious...


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