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I Was Called A Liar by a Sales Associate | Forever Flawless in Peabody, Massachusetts

We would like to sincerely apologize for your experience at a retail location that sells Forever Flawless products however, we are the manufacturer/distributor of Forever Flawless and not the retail location where you made your purchase. I have forwarded this information on to our management team to reach out to this location regarding your complaint.

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I went to the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA to do some quick shopping and happened upon the store while I was walking by. I wanted a quick sample of a lotion to try and ended up doing a demo.

I really enjoyed the service but it wasn’t in my budget to purchase. I let the sales person, Amily, know that I couldn’t afford it and it wasn’t in my budget and I would have to talk with my significant other before spending a large amount of money on a whim. She then said, “I don’t like liars. It’s easier to tell the truth.” As I walked away, she kept repeating herself, to make me feel bad about myself when in reality I couldn’t afford to purchase the $70 product.

How could you talk to a person like that? At least treat me like a human being..