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I was approached by one of those really aggressive women at a mall. I was hooked, a bit, until she said one thing.

She said "our product does not include SPF. SPF is very, very bad for you and we put in tea tree oil instead". Ummmmm SPF is not an ingredient... it's an acronym for Sun Protection From...

So I walked away. Glad I did now that I have read all this. I could not believe how aggressive that woman salesperson was. I actually listened to her for about 15 minutes and believed every word she said.

Until the SPF comment.

Then, a light went on and I thought.... I don't think so.

Reason of review: Simply a scam.

Preferred solution: Call bbb and report these people!! call the police or whoever it takes and get these scammers out of the malls..

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It means Sun Protection Factor, but there are a few ingredients that give that effect. It may have been a careless way to say it, but is how most people understand it.

I don't want any SPF ingredients in my cosmetics because they are almost all carcinogenic (I say almost all because I'm not aware of any that aren't, but could just be uninformed of some that are).


lol! they told me they did have spf!


I didnt buy.. I dont put anything on my awesome face


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