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Hello Kate,

Thank you for your input about the Forever Flawless brand. We do apologize for any negative experience you may have had with a Forever Flawless retail location. We are the manufacturer and distributor of the products. Each location an independently owned and operated third party business entity so we would need to direct you towards them for resolution.
Albany, Oregon

I encountered Neil at Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona this week. He was working the Forever Flawless kiosk.

He stopped me by asking where I was from. I was on vacation and had time to stop and talk with him and get his speel about the product.

After telling him in every way I knew how that I would never pay $800 for a couple of cosmetics at the mall without doing some independent research he kept lowering the price. And lowering the price.

I could not gracefully get away from this guy.

About 20 minutes after being at the kiosk with Neil he finally decided I wasn’t going to make a purchase and sent me on my way.

He was very rude after I wouldn’t make a purchase and in my opinion gives the brand a real black eye.

After being treated like that I would never consider purchasing the product.

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