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Pretoria, Gauteng

I was viisting the 3rd Street Promenade yesterday in Santa Monica. While just walking along, I saw a small shop.

I stopped in front of it and peered inside. I thought it might be one of those places that do "makeovers". Beign a 65 year old woman getting ready for an "event" soon, I thought I'd check it out. An agressive salesman swept me inside to have a demonstration.

The very nice salesman who said he was from Italy, gave me the shmooze that other posters have written about. He cleansed my skin with what he said was purified water and a cotton ball. He began applying some serum and some cream. He treated one half of my face and took a photo with his ipad and showed me the side he treated compared to the side he hadn't treated.

I can honestly say I DID notice the difference. He explained how I didn't need expensive and dangerous cosmetic surgery.

That this line of products would take care of all my "issues", even my sagging eyelids. Luckily for me, I had no intention of buying any of these porducts while I was there.

I am not an impulse buyer. I have had credit card problems in the past and once I was out of debt I made an agreement with myself to only make major purchases after going home to think on it for a day or two. That keeps me from impulse purchases I may be sorry for later, and cannot afford. This salesman also dropped the cost when he saw that I wasn't biting the bait.

He told me the "kit" I needed was $599. I told him that I could not afford that. He told me to hold on a minute. He went to the back of the store and when he came back out he stated that he was the manager of that store (yeah, right) and he'd sell me just the eye treatment for $229.

I thanked him very much for his demonstration, took his busineiss card and walked out of the shop. I could see that he looked dejected as he cleaned up his little table where he's worked on my face, after he had given me his best sales pitch and I didn't buy. I said goodbye to the other salespeople in the shop as I left and he didn't even look at me. When I got home a few hours later I looked in the mirror, and i felt that my face DID look better.

But... I noticed a small spot on my chin, just underneath my l lip where the skin had actually split open and was bleeding. I didn't understand why, maybe it has something to do with the "diamond dust" they supposedly use? Something cut the skin there, as I didn't have a blemish or pimple in that spot prior to the treatment.

Who knows? I had no other allergic reactions to the products and this morning, less than 24 hours later, my skin appears to look better.

However, having read online a rating of the top skincare products in order of effectivenes, I think that when I have the extra money to spend on myself, I will buy one of those tried-and-true brands.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too was handed a sample envelope and then pulled into the little store on the Promenade in Santa Monica, but being a male with a dog in tow, my salesperson was a lovely young lady with nice skin instead of a young man with an Italian accent. Before I agreed to sit in the welcoming chair, I asked "how much is this stuff?" and she laughed, "a million dollars", shrugging off the question as irrelevant to her desire to help me.

She rubbed some stuff on my wrist and then wiped it off to show me something, but it wasn't clear exactly what. I kept saying what do you have for this brown spot on my face, but she said that was due to the sun. Then she rubbed a different cream on the other wrist, again pattering away but not clearly defining what the purpose was. she asked questions about my marital status and work, so I told her I'm married and p[ast the age of caring what my skin looks like, and I am a lawyer who sues companies over false claims and fraudulent practices.

Undeterred, she then started the sales pitch: I could have this bottle of stuff for $299 which would give me a two year supply, to be applied once a week. I told her I don't buy stuff until I know more about whether or not it actually works, so she went over to her other cupboard and pulled out a smaller jar that costs only $179, but alas, discovered they were out of stock on this size. Still, I explained, I like to do a little research before buying. Then she went back to the bigger jar and said she could let me have that one for the price of the smaller one, since they were out of stock.

Nothing seemed to faze her or disrupt her predetermined pitch for the reluctant customer.

Finally, even the dog was getting a little antsy, so I said, "since I live nearby, I will do some research and then come back if I decide this is worthwhile stuff." She realized I was serious, so she stapled her paper name-card to the store folder and agreed to let me get back out to the Promenade without buying anything.

Now that me & the dog are in our comfortable chairs doing our due diligence, I was lucky enough to find this website full of complaints about the products and the sales personnel.


You did dodge a bullet, as did I. Glad you posted. All of us who blow the whistle on true scammers may help others!


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