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Thank you for your contact. We are the manufacturer and distributor of Forever Flawless, Oceane and Sericin Plus. Each location is an independently owned and operated, 3rd party business. We do not a franchise. Any requests for refunds, free product or services would need to be performed by the establishment where the products were purchased. We apologize for any negative experience with this locations and don't want it to shine poorly against our brand.
Huntington, New York

I am not a mall person in the slightest but found myself in the Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington, NY to drop off my son for a school sponsored field trip. It was going to take only an hour so with my 9 year old in tow I decided we would walk around to kill time. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong direction to walk in.

I was lured into the store by the many sales people crowding the door offering free samples. Next thing I knew I was seated and had a young, attractive girl applying eye cream on me. She went into her very well rehearsed sales pitch and as she's speaking I could actually feel a tingly sensation in the areas she applied the cream. As I'm hesitating she adds "free" items to the list of products I'll receive if I agree to pay the discounted rate of only $400 including a facial valued at $190.

Very foolishly I agreed, without doing my due diligence of research, confident that the results I'm seeing and feeling in the store are what I'll get at home.

When I asked about the return/refund policy she assured me that they never had to because everyone was so happy with the results. Again, uncharacteristic of me I didn't question this.

Fast forward 8 days, I used the eye serum and cream twice as directed and felt and saw nothing, NO DIFFERENCE.

I looked more closely at my receipt and found it read No Refunds. That's when I decided it was past time to check around and see what others had to say and among other sites I stumbled onto this one.

Furious and disappointed in myself more than anything I tried to call the number on the receipt only to have it inform me the # was not working. Time to pay a visit...

I walked into the store and there were 4 sales people inside. My salesgirl was with an unsuspecting middle aged mom, like myself. Opposite them was another salesgirl fixing her makeup in front of a mirror. She was first to see me walk in with the bag and she may as well have seen the Grim Reaper. The look on her face said it ALL. She dropped whatever she had in her hand, turned to the two men at the register and rattled off information in another language. The two men quickly came to attention, as if I was their commanding officer, and put on fake smiles.

I'm not sure what triggered it exactly because I promised myself I would remain calm but I went BALLISTIC! It might have been a combination of seeing the woman like myself in the chair with a young child at her feet and the reaction of the sales girl who spotted me first and the slimy, slick fake smiles on the faces of the men but I said "YES, I'm here for my money back!"

After some back and forth and costing them the ongoing sale attempt I promised the man that I had no qualms about parking myself in front of his store and making sure he didn't get another penny that day.

Ultimately I got my refund but not until I had to hear more lies like that the salesgirl was in the back room crying her eyes out. Meantime, I walk out when all is done and who do you think is walking with arms swinging at her sides and looking fresh as a daisy? The salesgirl.

Moral of the story... don't feel helpless, you can get your money back. Good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Cream.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Forever Flawless Cons: High-pressure sales tactics, Sales rep was convincing, Product at home did not perform like one in the store.

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Old Fort, Ohio, United States #1278257

I enjoyed you well written, entertaining commentary. Thanks

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1259714

Yep, they almost had me wuth that tingly tight feelung under my eye. But after I thought about it, I reminded myself if it sounds too good to be true........

Glad u got your money back.

A good product sells itsel. These people are high pressure.

Hicksville, New York, United States #1228244

Thank you for saving me from purchasing products from this line. I too was accosted and subjected to high pressure sales tactics at this very same location, which in the end prevented me from making a purchase of any kind at the time. While the products may very well be lovely, the highly suspect salesmanship is a total turnoff.