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BUYER BEWARE OF FOREVER FLAWLESS! I was offered a free facial, so, of course, I took advantage of it. I do think that my face looked better immediately afterwards. It was obvious that there were some ingredients that plumped up my skin because it minimized my forehead wrinkles and the wrinkles/indents that frame my mouth.

After the facial, the hard sale kicked in. I have to say that it was worst than buying a car or going to a timeshare presentation (well maybe not that bad ;)). The pressure was intense and as we got up to leave, he would say wait, wait let me see what I could do, then come in with a lower price. The price started at $4500 and by the time we finished it was done to $1800 with some other products thrown in. The purchase is a final sale and products are non-refundable after leaving the store.

Knowing how much a year's supply of good facial products are, knowing that we need to do what we can on a regular basis to keep our skin looking great, if the sales push wasn't so hard and the price wasn't negotiable and was below $1,000. I probably would have purchased it. I believe they would do much better to have a reasonable price for their products and sell it to everyone for the same price, instead of looking for a sucker.

A few things to note: I am informed on products and what goes into a good skin care regime. He was very surprised at what I knew. For example, he claimed the product would sink down to the bottom layer of skin and worked from there. I had to point out to him that the law for all skin products in the USA was that it could only go down so many layers - so how could they sell a product that went down to the bottom layer? He was shocked that I knew this and tried to talk his way out of it. This was one of many fabrications and/or claims that he made.

I am not going to spend that amount of money on anything - even after trying it, without knowing more about the product. His deal expired if I walked out the door. Why is that? I have psoriasis and I am not about to purchase a product that I can't return if it triggers my psoriasis (he said he would give me a handwritten refund agreement if it activated my psoriasis - ***). I also have never heard that diamonds and gold benefit the skin - it's just a marketing ploy that will satisfy those looking for something fancy and what girl doesn't love diamonds and gold or to be like a Kardashian? I also wanted to know what the active ingredients were - and he did not provide that to me. I didn't even get to see the label of ingredients (how much gold or diamonds were in there - were they the last ingredient on the list (probably).

In summary, if you are approached by an employee of Forever Flawless and don't have thousands to drop on one year of skin care products (only the 3 step mask system), I would steer clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Treatment.

Reason of review: High pressure sales.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Products.

I didn't like: Price or high pressure sales.

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