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Gilbert, Arizona

I am in Vegas today and received my free sample of moisturizer and told my eyes look tired(admittedly). The salesperson immediately patted this stuff on my eye and blah blahing about it, showing me the difference etc.

Yes it made the bag disappear! HOWEVER, it was extremely tight and a little stingy. I was told it would go away as soon as she patted on the 2nd part. It did relieve the tightness slightly.

Then came the sales pitch of the 2 products for $1500 for a one year or $2500 for a two year supply. Um, what?!? When I balked at the price, she came back with a health show price of $750 but I only had an hour to decide. I told her I'd like to think about it and would she do the other eye so it matched.

She said to think about it and when I decide, come back and they would do the other eye when I returned. When I said that to even consider the purchase I would need both eyes done to see the results during the day she replied that she would do the other eye and I didn't need to get mad. I told her that I would talk to my husband about spending so much on these products. She then said they'd give me the $350 mask and a cleanser and toner as well but if I returned after 3:00 the price would be $1500.

She asked me a few questions multiple times-because she obviously didn't listen to the answers. I walked to the restroom directly and looked in the mirror. The stuff looks good if you never smile. The edges where it was applied were buckled and crusty.

She said that was caused by my own makeup, but it certainly was the product. Because it was starting to burn I went back up to my room in the same hotel and washed my face-this stuff did not come off easily, was very crusty and my face is bright red still after an hour.

What could possibly be in these products ( other than empty promises and some snake oil) that would garner such as a ridiculous price?

I wouldn't waste the money on this stuff.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I don't know what's in the eye gel/serum but the gel peel is mostly water, acrylic and silicone.

East Haven, Connecticut, United States #997832

I was also accosted by the sales rep at Caesar's for a free sample. Once they got me into the store, they started slopping this *** around one of my eyes.

I felt a tightening around the eye, and then they dropped the bomb that I need to buy a year's supply for something like $1,500! I got out of the chair and ran so fast out of that place and went back to my room to wash the *** off my face because it was starting to sting.

Never again!


Winy!! I bought it and it works amazing !!

to Anonymous #990283

This burned my face to the point I needed to get cream from doctor.

It was a like a severe sun burn.

Don't buy this - run, run like ***!!

I too had it sting when they put it on but then I washed it off right away so I didn't have this white stuff on my face. When I got home I was shocked at the burning, it was now more than stinging, it was full on fire on my face. I want my money back!


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