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Its unfortunate what others have written but I personally love forever flawless. Yes it is expensive (so try talking down the sales person) but it works way better than anything Ive ever used.

Compared to the cost of facials this product lasts 6 months as is like getting a facial 2-3 times per week. I am 32 and pass for 20 all the time.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I like it too. I do as well get compliments all the time


I agree the Vine Vera Reservatol works like magic. The salesman wanted to sell me just the Reservatol for $400.

If adamantly refused, and finally paid $275 for the Reservatol, cleansing mousse, and a 40 minute facial certificate which I'm can give to others.

The tube of Reservatol will last a year and a half and frankly the results are nothing less than astounding.

When something works so well I'm wondering if there are any long-term side effects, yet I'm haven't read of any thus far.


At age 32, you should be proud of your wonderful skin, looks and life. I don't think you really want to be taken for a 20 year old college girl.

You are in the minority of people who have good results. These people are scammers and the same company that sells Oro Gold and Dead Sea (Seacrest) cosmetics at various locations all over the world until they are thrown out of malls or closed down in some cities like Amsterdam and Toronto.


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