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Please contact that private location as return policies vary by ownership team. They are always happy to assist. The retail stores that carry pur products are all privately owned and independently operated so the first course of action is always to contact the ownership team of the location when issues or concerns may arise. Our intention is to ensure that all customers who purchase the Forever Flawless brand of products have a wonderful experience regardless of where the purchase occurs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so should you have any questions at all our customer service team may be reached at (470) 545-3577, Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:30 PM EST.

North Las Vegas, Nevada

OMG!!! Thanks so much for this review.

I am now in Las Vegas and also went to the hotel and a female representative gave me a sample and 'almost' forced me inside claiming to help me with my dark circles. I went in with my husband in tow and another girl proceeded to put a peptide cream under my eyes. To be fair, I did see some immediate results but when I asked how much, I was told $600. That was not happening but she said that there was a sale going on for 2 more hours and the product is now half price.

Still reluctant, she threw in the peel and went over to my husband relaxing on their sofa reading. He would never say no (except when they told him they had products for him). At this point they asked where we were staying and amazing as this sounds, they were able to take another $50 off because of our hotel (not the Cosmo by the way). Now we're at $250 and to my defence, I did see immediate results under my eyes.

The sales girl was very very nice and now that I look back, might have felt a little guilty since we were also talking about some personal stuff (don't want to elaborate in fear she might be identified and get her in trouble). I believe that's why at the register while I had already committed to the purchase, she threw in a toner too. I paid for the 3 products, $250 + tax =$270. We didn't want to hold the items all day since we were going all the way to the LINQ and beyond and asked if they can hold them there for later pickup the next day.

Of course they agreed and also of course I felt guilty for hours spending so much on stuff I never use on my face normally.

The next day, today, I'm reading your review and now will go see if I can cancel transaction since products never left the store.

Thanks again for your review and hope mine helps others!

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