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We are sorry to hear about your experience. Your visit was to an Independent Store location that simply carries our brand of product. Pricing is set by the owenrs of the various locales and may vary.The retail stores that carry our products are all privately owned and independently operated so the first course of action is always to contact the ownership team of the location when issues or concerns may arise. Our intention is to ensure that all customers who purchase the Forever Flawless brand of products have a wonderful experience regardless of where the purchase occurs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so should you have any questions at all our customer service team may be reached at (470) 545-3577, Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:30 PM EST.
Peabody, Massachusetts
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I had a very similar experience as the 75 yr. old woman at the NorthShore Mall did.

It was a kiosk rather than the store. A young woman approached me with a diamond shape handout and quite cleverly started talking about her products. She was aggressive - put a mirror to my face, insisted I had blackheads, open pores, and the onset of Rosacea which could eventually cost $3,000 for treatment. Oh she also commented on my hands.

Well by then I was insulted by her comments. I'm not blind I can see if I have blackheads, etc. She had a look of astonishment when I left. I too will report them to the BBB and NorthShore Mall.

They are out of Las Vegas, NV and started 2013. How dare they come to Massachusetts!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Haha , you boght the prodacts you paid for them,what is your problem ? someone still your card ? You are 75 years for sure you need them