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I'm obviously a weak person. I fell for the pressure.

It cost $300 1st visit to a mall kiosk. Pushed into a facial appointment to make sure I was using product correctly. That resulted in another $1800. Then another follow up visit.

That cost me $5200. I was sick when I left. The sales rep knew I was on a fixed income but still pushed. "It will be a lifetime investment" !

Kept offering additional products for FREE. Went home with product! Cried! Went back the next day.

Asked for a refund to my credit card. Advised NO RETURNS! Told her I would cancel with credit card and leave product unused with her. She advised I was an adult and she didn't force me.

Also that she would be fired! They had a video camera. Then she called security. I was not hysterical and didn't make a scene.

Wish I had! Totally embarrassed! My credit card told me to mail product back to company and request refund. So that's what I did.

If they don't give me a refund I will request my credit card to dispute. I know there are a lot of people like me who just buy to get them to stop bulling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Diamond Age-defying Beauty Set.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #1185996

That's is exactly how to handle it but use a signature service shipping company like Fedex and request signature service it is a few extra dollars but once they sign for it back ... possession is 9/10ths of the law as they say.

Had the same thing happen to me over 3000.00 I returned it back took pictures of everything sent by Fedex ground with signature required and put 3000.00 in declared value in case something happened to it. Make sure you keep copies of everything and write down while it is fresh everything that happened to you. I says this because after them coming back to my credit card company saying "No Refunds" i sent them all my documents including proof is receipt back to them. Provided a letter to my credit card company telling them everything that had happened.

If you notice the "NO REFUNDS" is not on the receipt you sign ... its only on the receipt they print off and fold up so you don't even see it when they hand it to you.

If you follow what i told you to do your credit card company will stand by you... mine did and where thrilled with all of my documents i had available for them to review.


I go though the same experience!!! I bought this product today in Natick Mall, MA.

My situation was little bit better than you, I got the refund because I ask refund 10 minutes after I paid. I am pretty sure, if I asked refund next day, they wouldn't except that. When I was doing the refund, I was texting my mom, the manager asked me:" are you recording me???" I said "no!" I wasn't happy because they suspect me. Maybe at that time, my face expression is not good and you know what, the manager said" I will call security!" (see??

same **** strategy) PLS do not buy this product. They are just *** people.


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