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Phoenix, Arizona

I was approached by a woman named J. and she admired by necklace.

Then she wanted to put some type of cream on my face to help with my wrinkles and sun damage. I was a bit taken aback, because I have been taking care of my skin even using dermatologist products. She even asked me if I considered having a face lift. What?

Honestly, she was about 20 years old herself. Maybe they should have older sales people, who actually have wrinkles or sun damage and use the products they are pushing on customers, and not some prepubescent girl with perfect skin. I told her I am already using products and don't want to mix anything. She claimed it was all safe, and just kept putting this cream which began to feel warm on my skin.

It was suppose to lift my skin. She just kept putting it on, even doing my neck, she just wouldn't stop. When she finally wiped it off, she handed me the mirror and then began taking my photo for before and after shots. I never agreed to that.

She then said Madonna and many famous people use this diamond facial product. The price for a years worth, was $9300! I said I would not be purchasing that. She then asked me to keep a secret and said she would throw in a few other products if I paid $3100 for the product and referred all my friends to her.

In my mind I was just thinking of a way to get out of there. Finally she asked how I would be paying for it, and I said I would need to go to the bank first. She then asked me to leave a $300 deposit on my credit card and I refused. These are the same people (from Israel) who used to try and get you to try the Dead Sea products.

Same sales pitch, but now they want a small fortune. I finally left and never went back..Avoid them at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Cream.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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