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We appreciate you giving the brand a try. Sorry to hear it was not a good fit for you. Independent Store location. Ownership team has been updated about the experience at their store location with their staff. The retail stores that carry pur products are all privately owned and independently operated so the first course of action is always to contact the ownership team of the location when issues or concerns may arise. Our intention is to ensure that all customers who purchase the Forever Flawless brand of products have a wonderful experience regardless of where the purchase occurs. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so should you have any questions at all our customer service team may be reached at (470) 545-3577, Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:30 PM EST.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Customer service
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I was dragged off the street, literally by my arm, (Fremont Street LV), during the Bike Fest. I kept telling the sales person, I was on a fixed income and could not afford such high prices.

She starts putting eye cream under eyes and another on my forehead. I was insisting that I could not afford their products. A male friend of mine comes looking for me ,because I had disappeared,.The sales girl kept telling him how wonderful I looked and he should buy it for me. I kept shaking my head no.

She talks him out of his credit card, then started adding things to the bag ,of products used on me.. The sales person TELLS you it is REFUNDABLE. They ring up the charges and on the receipt it says NO REFUNDS. You get that receipt and it says no refunds..

We saw what receipt said and tried immediately to get money back before we left the store, WE STATED the salesperson told us it was Refundable.They argued that there is no refund policy. After about an hour of trying to get money refunded and charges removed , we were told read the receipt. NO REFUND , EXCHANGE ONLY. We left , got back to the room and i looked online and low and behold I was not the only one duped.

We immediately called the credit card company and canceled the transaction, it was still pending. Thank god we had the forethought to cancel transactions. My eyes had swelled up ,were red and itchy. Tried again the next day ,to return products , show them what it did to my eyes I was allergic to the product,and same old run around

I am going to a Forever Flawless shop today and dropping off their horrible products.

Sale was canceled and they can have the products. I never opened then, and will not use their products EVER.

Reason of review: Assaultive Sales people.

I didn't like: Refund, Too much pressure, Return policy, Service, Definately the cost.

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