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Thank you for reaching out to us. We'd be happy to help with your return any way that we are able to. However, we are the distributor for Forever Flawless and only able to process returns of orders made directly through our website. Each individual store is a privately-owned independently-operated third-party business entity, and we as the distributor do not have access to their finances or influence over their return/exchange policies.
As you have made your purchase at an authorized Forever Flawless Retail Location if you are seeking a return of your purchase price we must direct you to that reseller's customer service representative for further assistance. Contact information should be on your sales receipt, but we will provide that if you can give the city/state of the Retail Location.

If you would prefer a direct exchange, here as the distributor we will be glad to provide a replacement product for you. We simply require either a copy of the sales receipt and picture of the faulty product in question, OR the item itself returned to our offices at the address listed below. If you could provide one of these plus your mailing information, we will send a replacement product to you as soon as possible.
Returns c/o Customer Service
4285 Wagon Trail Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Please let us know what you would prefer and we will work towards making it happen. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

I went to the Mall alone to buy a few new sweaters for the winter. I got stalked by one of the workers at Forever Flawless at the Braintree Plaza. She kept trying to hand me a sample of a lotion, I politely told her no but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. So instead of making a scene I said I’d see what she had to show me.

She applied the Eye lifting Syringe, Eye Serum and Peeling Gel. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and convinced me to buy the product for 300 dollars. Well after she took my card and ran it before I could come up to the counter I was charged 318.75 and was not aware that there were no refunds at the time of purchase. I have sensitive skin and if I knew that there were no refunds I wouldn’t have purchased the product but she failed to inform me of this until she quickly ran my card and handed me the receipt.

Well after I got screwed with that, I wanted to leave but she said that because I bought the eye serum they were gonna give me a complimentary facial. So I agreed, figuring well it’s the least they can do seeing how I just got screwed.

Well it wasn’t a complimentary facial. Another associate who was also very pushy and didn’t take no for an answer kept pushing other products on me and convinced me to buy the Elevare Silver Machine which I was told that with that purchase I’d get Facial cleanser, toner, AM and PM cream, Hydration mask and Eye cream. While I was there I noticed under my left eye where the other associate applied the serum was burning. So the new associate removed that product from my previous purchased products and never replaced it with something less irritating.

Again, they took my credit card and ran it before I could fully ask questions. They didn’t give me a chance to ask questions. They were so pushy that it made me nervous and overwhelmed so I went along with it. The product that he pushed on me cost me $1009.38.

So that is a total of $1328.13 dollars. I was only there for about a half hour. It was kind of ridiculous.

They made me schedule a facial, which i was told they were giving me 6 free facial sessions. But never gave me paperwork that stated this.

I went home, noticed under my left eye was red and swollen. I immediately contacted the sales person who told me that my skin is to sensitive and to only use the Elevare machine under my eyes and not to apply any eye cream or serum. A week later after using the facial wash,toner and hydrating AM and PM cream as instructed my skin wasn’t having a good reaction- my entire face was extremely dry. Isn’t Hydrating cream supposed to put moisture back into your skin and not dry it out?

I cancelled my facial because I felt like I was going to just be pressured into buying other products to help with my now dry skin that the products caused. The associate responded with this “Send her

Hi the products suppose to balance the oils on the skin and make it better for good result , hydration not gonna give u result for dark spots or wrinkles, Go to the faical and they will explain and if you have questions let’s us know ”

When i was at the store originally, they told me I need a good hydrating facial cream to put moisture back into my skins to help fix the fine lines and wrinkles. So it’s weird that they are now going back on what they originally told me.

I also informed them that the 300 dollar syringe that I purchased feels empty. I’m pretty sure that they gave me the syringe that they use on clients to get them into the store. The sales associate told me the syringe should last 2 years if used as instructed. When I push the plunger barely anything comes out. When I complained about this- I never received another message back from the associate regarding my issue.

If only I knew that they didn’t allow refunds I would have never purchased this product. Especially because i can’t even use the product because it irritates my skin. They were also very pushy and overwhelming.

$1300 dollars is a lot of money worth of products that I’m not even able to use because of my sensitive skin. I am beyond disgusted that these people trap people into purchasing these products and fail to tell the customers that you can’t return and get your money back. I only noticed that because it was on my receipt.

I have already warned all my friends and family about this company and how it’s a scam and how quickly they steal your money and give you *** or used products and than do not respond to your complaints. All they do is try to get you to buy more products

Resolution: return products and Elevare machine and get a full refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forever Flawless Serum.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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