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Forever Flawless is an innovative beauty company ,global skin care and rapidly growing. The Forefront of the industry offers most exciting brands and marketing initiatives. It provides insight on trend intelligence, business strategy, Diamond Infused Age-defying and the creation of innovative retail programs across all channels of distribution.It offers best anti-aging products, luxury and skin care and diamond Infused Skin Care with vertically... Read more

Forever Flawless - Scepticism not warranted.

Forever Flawless
I purchased products in the White Diamond range after being bombarded by a rather charming Italian guy at a mall in Singapore, while on holiday there. He did do the very heavy sell but we all have free will and I was the one who decided to buy. My husband was very sceptical. However, whilst I dont think the product made me look 10 years younger, I certainly did feel my skin was in much better condition after using the FF Hydra-AM moisture... Read more

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Forever Flawless
I contacted a sales representative when the Canadian outlet through which I had purchased my products suddenly closed their doors with no warning whatsoever. Given my contract, I had a remaining 32 refills to which I was entitled. My problem was definitely not Forever Flawless' problem as each store is independently owned and operated. However, within two days of contacting the sales representative, my products were already being shipped to... Read more
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Hello, We have left a message at the number provided and have received no reply. All locations are privately owned and operated, third party businesses. Being the distributor of the product, we can supply an exchange or replacement of damaged merchandise. If you are...
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Forever Flawless - No reply to Silver membership card
Hello Renee, We apologize for you experience with this retail location. We are the distributor for the products and all locations are privately owned and operated. Our number is on our website and we have received no contact from you in order to...
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Forever Flawless - Blotchy red raw face

Help. Called and said you’re closed however it’s Friday 1130 eastern time. You don’t want me to post a photo
This is not our customer and we do not have recurring payments or memberships to cancel. We are the distributor and each location is independently owned and operated so we have no control over their business practices. She will need to contact them directly.
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We would like to sincerely apologize for your experience at a retail location that sells Forever Flawless products however, we are the manufacturer/distributor of Forever Flawless and not the retail location where you made your purchase. I have forwarded this...
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Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your comments, however, we would like for you to please specify which product of ours you are experiencing difficulty with. We did not locate your name within our ordering system, we want to ensure that it is, in fact, Forever...
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Forever Flawless - It was not your company!

You called me right backHad been charged 300. Im overdrawn and freaking out! Found out... Not You! So very sorry for email. Mav I talked to said happens a lot.
Thank you for your honest feedback! We're so sorry you and your daughter had such an experience at the Boise Towne Square location! While all of our Retail Locations are privately owned and independently operated, our Management here at the distribution center for...
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Thank you for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear of any difficulties with one of our Retail Locations, sometimes mistakes can happen with their order processing! However, we are the distributor for Forever Flawless and only able to process returns of orders...
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I was duped into putting out $5000 after getting referred to a man they said just happened to be there this particular day and was some big shot and I’d be lucky to be able to talk with him. He kept offering me deal after deal and it was almost like it was mind control...
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God bless you - I got ripped off also from the store Diamond Cosmetics in San Juan. They made many promises and I spent way too much money for lies. I didn't know the truth ti...